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Brampton Family Dental is committed to providing comprehensive care to our patients. Many of our services can be offered at our Brampton dental clinic by our experienced general dentists. However, some complex situations require the additional training and experience achieved by accredited dental specialists. In these cases, we can provide you with access to expert care and advice.
endodontics dental specialities in Brampton available


Endodontic specialists focus on treating the soft tissues inside the hard outer tooth structure, including the root canals and the tooth pulp. Because the tooth pulp contains nerve and blood vessels, which are responsive to inflammation and pain, endodontists are often called in to diagnose and treat severe pain in the teeth and gums.

Oral Surgery

When dental issues are complex or serious, treatment options may become narrower and lead to the need for surgical intervention. In these cases, an oral surgeon can provide dedicated, specialized care. Oral surgeons are trained extensively in both oral health and general medical fields; they complete surgical residencies after dental school and following additional years of training and study.
oral surgery dental specialities in Brampton available
orthodontist with mouth model

Pediatric Dentistry

Sometimes there are special considerations during the developmental phases of the teeth and mouth. Our general dentists at Brampton Family Dental are experienced in monitoring the development and eruption of the milk teeth and permanent teeth through regular oral exams. When potential issues arise during that process, we may recommend care from a pediatric dental specialist.

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