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Endodontic specialists focus on treating the soft tissues inside the hard outer tooth structure, including the root canals and the tooth pulp. Because the tooth pulp contains nerve and blood vessels, which are responsive to inflammation and pain, endodontists are often called in to diagnose and treat severe pain in the teeth and gums.

Advanced Root Canal Therapy

Endodontists most often perform root canals therapy, usually for patients with complex dental needs. They may also perform root canal retreatment, which is sometimes necessary when an infection reoccurs in a patient who has already had a root canal treatment. Endodontists are often consulted after an injury or trauma to the teeth or mouth, which can impact the tooth pulp.

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Endodontist in Brampton performs root canal therapy on patient

Endodontic Care in Brampton

Endodontists are trained specialists dedicated to preserving your natural teeth whenever possible. They are an important component of preventative health care, especially in unusual or complex circumstances. Although our general dentists are trained in root canal therapy, we may occasionally consult with an endodontist or refer patients to an endodontist in Brampton.

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