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Root Canal Therapy in Brampton

Root canal therapy is a common procedure our dentists use to treat natural teeth that are infected. Our dentists begin the procedure by drilling a small hole in the tooth to access the root canals. Once we have cleared out the infected tissue and sterilized the root canals, we fill them with a substance called gutta percha. A dental crown is usually placed over the top of the tooth to provide extra strength and protection once the procedure is completed.

Why Root Canals are Necessary

Root canals are most often used when the tooth roots and the tooth pulp (which contains nerves and blood vessels) become infected and inflamed. Infections can occur when bacteria make it into the tooth roots, which can happen due to injury to the tooth or extensive tooth decay. Infections often cause patients significant pain, and when left untreated, the tooth may need to be extracted (or multiple teeth may become infected and require extraction). A root canal procedure treats the infection and leaves the hard structure of the tooth intact.

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Comfortable Root Canal Procedures in Brampton

The dentists at Brampton Family Dental are experienced in providing comfortable root canal treatments right here in our dental offices in Brampton. Modern technology and techniques have helped improve patient comfort during root canals. Many patients find the procedure comparable to an appointment for dental fillings.

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