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Porcelain Crowns (Caps)

We Create New Smiles with Porcelain Dental Crowns

At Brampton Family Dental, we offer many options to restore teeth that have been damaged, and porcelain crowns are one of the top treatment choices. Crowns strengthen damaged teeth, allow for normal chewing function, and look indistinguishable from natural teeth.

A crown is a “cap” that fits over a damaged or unattractive tooth and completely covers it above the gum line. Porcelain crowns can help whiten, reshape, and realign teeth that have been weakened by decay or damage.

The Process

Crowning a tooth usually takes two visits to our office. At the first visit, we will prepare your tooth to receive the new crown. This involves reshaping the tooth to give it a uniform shape so it will fit inside the new covering. The area around the tooth is numbed beforehand, so there is little discomfort.

After the tooth has been prepared, we will take an impression using a putty-like material. The impression is sent to the lab where it will be used to make a model of your teeth. The model works as a guide to ensure the new crown fits perfectly and enhances your smile.

A temporary crown is attached to your prepared tooth to protect it until the permanent crown is ready. At your next visit, we will attach the permanent crown to your prepared tooth with either a resin or a type of permanent cement.

Porcelain Crowns vs. Metal-Based Crowns

Before porcelain crowns were widely available, metal crowns with a tooth-colored covering were the standard treatment choice. While these porcelain-over-metal crowns are durable, but they do not offer the cosmetic benefits that porcelain crowns do. The translucency and color-matching possible with all-porcelain crowns make them perfect for matching the qualities of other teeth in your smile.

While cosmetic appearance in dental restorations is certainly important, there are many other reasons to choose a porcelain crown. Metal crowns are not sensitive to hot and cold, so they can expand and contract with changing temperatures. It can additionally cause soft tissue irritation in those allergic to metals commonly used in dental restorations.

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Brampton Family Dental provides natural-looking dental crowns to help you achieve a smile that is healthy and looks beautiful. If you have a decayed tooth and need treatment, contact our dental office to learn more about our all-porcelain dental crowns. 


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