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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dental Care in Brampton

At Brampton Family Dental, we strive to provide patients and their families with advanced dental care throughout Brampton. Our team of dental healthcare professionals provide advanced care with the use of innovative treatment techniques such as laser dentistry. This technology allows for improved treatment efficiency, encourages enhanced healing time for patients, and helps maximize comfort. Whether you or a loved one are suffering from advanced tooth decay, gum disease, or are looking to improve the aesthetics of your smile, progressive laser dentistry treatment provided at Brampton Family Dental can help you in achieving a brighter, healthier smile.

A Gentle Treatment with Improved Results

At Brampton Family Dental, our associates utilize laser dental treatment as a precise and powerful tool for helping remove decay, infection, and even brightening tooth enamel. Lasers allow us to sculpt surrounding gum-tissue with less chance of associated discomfort and quicker results.
Some of the advantages provided using dental lasers include:

  • Reduced risk of future infection
  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • Reduced redness and swelling
  • Less time spent in recovery 

What You Can Expect from Your Laser Treatment

To determine which procedure is right for you, a series of digital diagnostic x-rays are taken to analyze the condition of your teeth, gums, and bone structure. A thorough examination is performed on each tooth, checking for signs of plaque, cavities, or more advanced periodontal issues, to determine which treatments are needed.

Treating the Unique Needs of Your Smile with Laser Dental Care 

Our dental care associates understand that for many individuals, visiting the dentist and requiring ongoing dental treatment is often accompanied by anxiety and apprehension. Receiving routine cleanings and examinations will improve your oral health and decrease your chances of needing more complex procedures. Without consistent professional treatment, potential oral health concerns can go unnoticed and can further progress to more severe conditions. 

Laser dentistry works by utilizing light beam technology to help remove infection while maximizing patient comfort successfully. As a result, teeth can be cleaned more effectively, cavities can be removed with precision, and periodontal disease can be treated without the need for drills or surgery.

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If you or a loved one would like more information on how the use of dental lasers can benefit your smile and quality of life, call our Brampton dental practice today! We look forward to serving the unique needs of your smile!